The Beat to relaunch as NYC retail cooperative

Fellow Drummer of New York:

A year ago The Beat launched with a singular mission – to strengthen the community and art form of drumming in New York City. While our mission is straight-forward, our ambitions are broad:

  • Create a retail model that serves as community headquarters
  • Facilitate the sharing of knowledge between the drummers of New York,
  • Expand the boundaries of drumming and connect rhythm to physical, mental, & spiritual health, and,
  • Build an enduring financial support system for working drummers in one of the most expensive cities in the world

As you likely know, the state of traditional retail in America is bleak. In New York it’s a blood bath. In difficult times, new models are required to challenge the status quo.


So, what is a retail co-op and why are we doing this?

  • A retail cooperative is an enterprise owned by consumers and managed democratically with the goal of fulfilling the needs and aspirations of its members.
  • It’s an ecosystem open to anyone who wants to join, that offers deep member discounts on products (drums, etc), services (lessons, practice space) in exchange for contributions to the community for the benefit of all.
  • It’s a business that places the longterm longevity of a community over the derivation of profit for a singular owner or shareholders.

We are doing this because the percussion industry is very different than say, the computer industry. Drummers make drums, buy drums, teach drums, learn drums, and in order to keep OUR MONEY going back into our ecosystem, we must ALWAYS be the ones who sell the drums. When money escapes our community to a retailer that just sees drums as another product, we run the risk of that retailer using our profits and investing them elsewhere.

This model is not new, however, must be customized for the needs of our community. We’re asking you to join us, to be part of the process of building a truly revolutionary enterprise.

Please sign up here, and the date/time/agenda of our first meeting will be coordinated.   

Nick G

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